The Green Wall in vertical room greening (Vertical Greening) is a support structure equipped with green plants which is attached to a wall indoors - lots of nature with minimal space requirements! In the background, a technology perfectly geared to plants and room situation ensures an uncomplicated supply of water and nutrients to the plants. In contrast to the moss wall, the green wall is also called plant wall. A plant wall is available in sizes from 2 square metres with a variety of different plants, designs or with a built-in motif. Vertical greening with plant walls creates a unique atmosphere. Vertical planting outdoors also allows you to create wide green spaces without having to use large areas of land.

Why a Green Wall? Visitors are amazed and your employees are thrilled: green walls - combined with effective growth or effect lighting - are among the most fascinating ideas that modern indoor greenery has to offer. The large areas of vertical plant walls are not only a real eye-catcher for visitors to your reception areas. In offices, conference and recreation rooms, they naturally provide relaxation, well-being and an optimum working atmosphere. RUOF plant walls are available for different requirements and budgets, from small decorative wall greenery to large technically and scientifically sophisticated wall objects.


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