offers functional and budget-oriented waste containers for indoor and outdoor use. With all DELUS products the function is always in the foreground. An extensive range of litter bins and waste paper baskets, with funnel tops, as well as Smoker Stands, Wall Ashtrays and combinations for indoor applications. Many products are available in different colours, sizes and designs. The materials used depend on the available budget. There is a choice of powder-coated or painted steel, chrome steel and stainless steel. This product range is supplemented by vandal-proof, user-friendly litter bins made of hot-dip galvanised sheet steel for outdoor use, alternatively also in combination with ashtray.

For use in offices, foyers in event and community halls, airports, cinemas, hotels or restaurants, DELUS offers all types of practical litter bins and combinations.

If you cannot find the right container for your needs, please contact us and we will find a solution, because the products shown are only a part of the very extensive range.



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